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Art for Service and Blessedness 

Are You Tired of Listening to the Same Kiirtan Tunes? Want something New and Exciting?..
The New Avarta Kiirtan Collection -  Your Vehicle to Bliss and More Service!
You can Bliss out AND help others who need it ... 
How to Be In The Flow, Feel Bliss 
AND Help Others At the Same time...
 ...the Avarta Kiirtan Collection  
Do you want to experience 'live' kiirtan yet cant get to a 'live' kiirtan? 
Do you want a large stock of kiirtans to pick from that can fit your different moods?
Do you want to be of greater service to the wider community?. 
I had to discover the secrets of keeping kiirtan inspiring, exciting and blissful!  
Rather than feel alone.. we always want to stay connected to the divine..
Record Kiirtans as a musical diary of your life and love...

Thais is what I have done.. Every place I go, I collaborate with other musicians, creating new experiences.  

Being in Ireland, this tiny green island, over the past five years, I have been through so many life changing experiences, including my daughter being born, reaching a rock bottom.. empowering myself again.. All of this has motivated me to produce and share this Avarta Kiirtan Collection with you. Here you will find all the kiirtans you need to inspire, deepen, excite, and uplift you.

PLUS each sale supports three different social service projects..

Jyoshna's Avarta Kiirtan Album Collection for You!
If you're someone like me who loves deep, soulful melodies, powerful choruses, beautiful layered harmonies, and rich and exotic instrumentation, then this collection is for you.... 

I put this awesome Avarta Kiirtan Collection together, believing that it can also help others to express what lies deepest within, that very special something that the world is waiting for! 

And All You have to do is Listen, Sing along 

Immerse yourself in the flow of bliss

And Support our service projects around the world.
Imagine Your Life With This Collection of Avarta Kiirtans, 
Feeling Bliss AND Helping Others!
Imagine having a great kiirtan collection that you can tune in to whenever you want to get into the Flow  

Imagine having a collection that gives you the feeling of being in love with the divine, with life!  
of Coming Home and feeling Whole - that dissolves the feeling of being alone and insignificant!   

Imagine having music that minimises stress, that supports your physical, mental and spiritual well being...

Imagine having all of the above PLUS knowing that the proceeds go to three very good causes.. 

 Your Life Will Be More Joyful, Flowing and Productive With This Beautiful Avarta Kiirtan Collection.
Heres the Benefits of The....
Avarta Kiirtan Collection!

A Collection 22 kiirtans of Great Variety That Can Bring You Into the Flow 
All 24 Hours! 
What You Will Get ...
#1 Avarta Kiirtan I
Avarta Kiirtan album, was recorded live at Sunrise Farm in County Clare Ireland. It is a collaborative album that includes local musicians and singers including Saskia, Latika, Kalyan, Cesar, Jiivan, Brigunath, Kavita and Jantien. Track List: 
1. Irish Travelling Kiirtan (J.La Trobe)
2. We are not alone Kiirtan (J.La Trobe)
3. When there is Light Kiirtan  (Sharon Durant)
4. Jhorchuta (Trad. Rarhi Kiirtan) 
5. For Grace Kiirtan (J.La Trobe)
6. Jhirnu Vishirna Kiirtan (P.R.Sarkar)
7.  Surrender Kiirtan (J.La Trobe) 
Avarta Kiirtan has six kiirtans plus one for meditation, is performed by a lively Chorus and accompanied by fiddle, guitar, drum and cymbals. It has tremendous 'live' power to elevate you with its ecstatic devotion, from the highest to the deepest and back again. Theres the , 'For Grace' kiirtan and the 'Irish Travelling Kiirtan' written in Ireland, to give you a sense of location. This gorgeous album from the Emerald Isle is an essential item in your personal Kiirtan Collection..  
All Profits go to the Children's Home  in Haiti
Avarta Kiirtan album, was recorded as a fundraiser and surprise for Didi Ananda Prama who was in Haiti at the time looking after children suffering from the effects of the devastating earthquake there in 2010. A million people lost their homes and 250,000 people died leaving many children abandoned. 

Over the past 14 years, our little family has grown to 35 children, providing a warm and loving home for these little ones who have experienced so much pain and suffering in their past. Now their days are filled with nutritious food, music, dance, school and lots of hugs!  
Nobody is unimportant, nobody is insignificant. Each and every existence is valuable. (Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji) 
#2 Avarta Kiirtan II
Avarta Kiirtan II album, was also recorded 'live' at Sunrise Farm in County Clare Ireland after the Women's Yogic Lifestyle Training in 2018 . As a result there was a large ensemble of singers and musicians. Track list: 
1. Tiny Green Island (Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar)
2. Kiirtan on the way to Meeta’s (Jyoshna La Trobe)
3. Victory Kiirtan (J. La Trobe)
4. Clarion Call Kiirtan (J. La Trobe)
5. Isabels Butterfly kiirtan (J. La Trobe)
6. Embrace me Kiirtan (J. La Trobe)
7. Dharma Kiirtan (P. R.Sarkar)
8. Tiny Green Island Kiirtan (P.R.Sarkar)

This album features a very diverse and very colourful group of singers and musical instruments including mouth harp, harmonium, didjeridoo, percussion, flute and cello, khol drum, violin and bass guitar, The singers and musicians are: Amrta, Brigunath, Cesar, Didi Ananda Prama, Jantien Vandenberg, Jiivan, Jyoshna, Kalyan, Kavita, Inga Marcel, Mayatiita, Mudita, Roxanne Leonard and Saskia Byrne. It was arranged and produced by Jyoshna La Trobe and Engineered Damian Brady.   
This album is musically rich and diverse, with beautiful arrangements that are geared towards blissful heights. The Chorus harmonies are magnificent and the instrumentation sizzling, all from the Emerald Isle.  
All profits go to the Spirulina Project in Kenya    
The proceeds from Avarta Kiirtan II go to the Spirulina Project in Kenya to feed malnourished children with nutricious spirulina. Heres a story by Didi Ananda Rucira, Director of the Children's Health Care Initiative:

My story is about a child named Bidallah, the third born in the family of four. She was brought for the 1st consultation she was suffering from TB. Her body looked weak and was underweight and had failure to thrive. She also had night perspiration and persistent cough that was productive, thirstless, fevers, anaemic. Her mum took her for medical check-up and was diagnosed with TB and was given some convectional medicine. But till now she showed no improvement in her growth development and still show a lot of symptoms of TB. She was 5 months into her conventional treatment.
I gave her some homeopathic medicines with spirulina and also advised her mother to take her for medical check-up after 3 weeks of medication before the next follow-up.
When she came for 2nd consultation the child looked active and more improved than before. She gained weight; her mother said that spirulina really helped her in terms of appetite. The recurrent cough was reduced and frequent perspiration at night were gone. Her mother appreciated the treatment we offered. 
#3. Avarta Kiirtan III  
Avarta Kiirtan III album was recorded 'live' at Sunrise farm in March 2021. Track List:
1. Kiirtan from a dream (Jyoshna La Trobe)
2. If I could swim the ocean kiirtan (J. La Trobe)
3. She Ain’t Heavy kiirtan (J. La Trobe)
4. Vasanteri agamane kiirtan (P.R.Sarkar)
5. Loving Baba Kiirtan (J. La Trobe)
6. Neko Kiirtan (J.La Trobe / Arpankumar)
7. Swinging Kiirtan (J. La Trobe)

Avarta Kiirtan III is a very deep and blissful avarta kiirtan with a smaller ensemble of singers and musicians than the last two, but equally vibrated and connected as family. It was recorded live at Ananda Bharatii, where Didi Ananda Prama is Rector Master. 
We have: Jyoshna (lead singer, guitar), Kavita (khol drum, percussion, singing), Arpankumar (gembri, oud, singer), Saskia Byrne (singer), Jiivan (singer), Rama Deva (cymbals and singer), Madhumita (harmonium) and Jantien Vandenberg (Irish whistle and flute). Maetreyii was filming,  Didi Ananda Prama was our host while Lydia Grilo looked after Isabel. As went live on FB, so huge gratitude goes to our participants all over the world.   
All Profits go to Sunrise Education Trust - Community Kindy  and Garden
Avarta Kiirtan III  proceeds go to Sunrise Education Trust .. our new Kindy  and Children's Garden. 

We are working to provide a neo -humanist kindergarten for our little ones at Ananda Bharatii (aka Sunrise Farm). We need to upgrade the premises,  buy equipment and resources for our children's garden and playground.  

At Sunrise Kindy children learn to love and take care of plants, animals as well as people, surrounded by the beauty of nature including horses, dogs, cats, fish and a rabbit. They children have so much fun munching on broccoli and peas in the poly tunnels, swinging on monkey bars, watering plants, singing, dancing and making crafts...

Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, the founder of NeoHumanisma gave us the inspiration, energy and devotion to make this Avarta Kiirtan Collection. 

When we remember to sing: Baba Nam Kevalam ‘Everything is an expression of the Supreme Consciousness’ with collective concentration and love, then we can feel so much happiness and fulfilment.  

And, Now You're Going to Get an Exclusive Bonus You Can't Get Anywhere Else!
Super Cool Bonus: Jacqueline Enkelaar's Paintings of County Clare, Ireland 
During Lockdown
If you love horses, donkeys and other wild life in the Irish countryside, then you will cherish this book. 
It has100 beautiful paintings with descriptions 
in Italian and English 
Will you accept this Irresistable offer?   

Watch here a preview for some Avarta Kiirtan songs

Now it's time...
So if You're Doubting, Here's What 
You Will Receive! 
The Avarta Kiirtan Collection consisting twenty two Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtans of great variety and depth, reflecting different life - changing, transformative experiences and expressing different moods. 

Plus a Special Bonus Book from County Clare, Ireland, all these for a one time only discounted price. 
So you can sing along to Avarta Kiirtan night and day and immerse yourself into the flow! 
Your stress levels will be reduced and mental and spiritual well being will be enhanced  

Plus be able to support these amazing service projects!
So why not take advantage of this limited time offer before its too late!.
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The 
Avarta Kiirtan Collection! 
  •  Avarta Kiirtan I Live Mp3 #1(€9 Value)
  •  Avarta Kiirtan II Live Mp3 Kiirtan Album #2 (€9 Value)
  •  Avarta Kiirtna III Live Mp3 Album #3 (€9 Value)
  •  Jacqui Enkelar's Book of Paintings (€15 Value )
  • ​PLUS the opportunity to support three amazing service projects (€ priceless... ) 
Total Value: €42
But today, you're getting this...
For Only For €29
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