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 Are You Tired of Your Own Kiirtans? Do You Want to Improve your Kiirtan NOW?
Kiirtan can Transform your LIfe, so why not Transform your Kiirtan 
in 7 Days!
  Online Kiirtan Course 
 April 5-11th, 2021 
From 8:00 pm until 10:00pm for seven nights (Irish time - UTC+0)
 Bliss Out! Even With A Little Practice
Explore Your Potential, 
Expand your Knowledge, 
Your repertoire and 
be in the Kiirtan flow 
Do you sometimes lose your voice when singing kiirtan?  
Do you lack confidence dancing and playing in rhythm with the music? 
Do you find it difficult to engage others when you are playing? 
Do you want to expand your repertoire so that you can play kiirtans to match your many moods? 
Do you want to know how to change kiirtans and stay in the flow?
How to Improve and develop your kiirtan without having to be perfect... 
I I knew very little about kiirtan when I began. Yet I experienced how it transformed my life. I wanted to find out more about the the supra aesthetic science or 'system' of kiirtan that 
could take everyone into the flow.
So for more than forty years, I practiced, wrote, observed and researched to expand my understanding and knowledge of Kiirtan... 
I also had to discover the secrets of blissful kiirtan!  
Are you ready to leave behind fears of the past and jump into the present? 
I didn't, until I just had to... 
When I first came across collective kiirtan, I felt an irresistible urge to jump right in and sing and dance with all my heart. I loved the fact that it was so inclusive that anyone could join. On the other hand I also felt that it could be even more inspiring if it was developed..   

So my journey began.. I wrote kiirtans (mantra music and songs about the divine) and played kiirtan as a way being in touch with my inner self, of being of service and recording a diary of my life. In collective kiirtan anyone can lead, you just have to have the desire, yet I could see the potential in kiirtan to bring so much more bliss..   

In 1979 I had the opportunity of handing a cassette of my songs into Baba's hands. At the moment I felt so much bliss and I wanted to share that with everyone. Baba showed me in my personal contact (PC) that my kiirtan gave him pleasure and so I knew what I was to do with my life. As I travelled to many different countries to perform, I was able to connect and collaborate with many amazing musicians along the way. 

There was so much bliss, yet there was still something missing...I hadn't really had a full experience of the 'supra aesthetic science of kiirtan' that my spiritual teacher spoke about. So I waited. Then one day, while doing some research in Rarhi Kiirtan (North East India) I heard a traditional Rarhi Kiirtan group doing kiirtan and it just blew my mind! I had never heard or felt anything like it. 

At that moment I was transported to another world, full of scintillating sounds, ecstatic dance and intense devotional expression. It took me to a place way beyond anything I had ever experienced before. For the first time I really had an intuitive realisation of what 'the supra aesthetic science of kiirtan' was, though I couldn't explain it in words. 

I knew then that I had to find out how Rarhi Kiirtan works. So my kiirtan research began on a whole new level as I began to research the mechanics of how it could take participants so high? I had to unravel the secrets of kiirtan. So I plunged into a Ph.D (Music) at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and spent five years researching Rarhi kiirtan the ancient homeland of kiirtan. It was one of the highlights of my life to be able to research something I was passionate about learning. During this time in London I worked as a licensed busker in the London Underground, and met many amazing people, including Erik Azzopardi, (who is joining me in the Kiirtan Academy). 

Only after my PhD viva (oral examination) was over, did the 'penny drop' and I actually 'got' how the ‘supra aesthetic science of kiirtan’ worked, it was revelation. The next part of my journey was sharing my kiirtan experience and knowledge with others far and wide. In New Zealand I was inspired to initiate a festival called 'Voices of Sacred Earth' in Auckland where we could have a community kiirtan stage for all the local kiirtan groups, and there were many. It was like a festival of kiirtan, and it is still running today. 

After more than four years there I felt the longing to broaden my horizons again, so Kavita and I went to Europe to perform at various World Music Festivals and to continue with my research on Rarhi Kiirtan. Back in Rarh, Sanjay Mahato and I instigated the International Rarhi Kiirtan Competition and Festival as a way of giving back to the community who had been so generous towards me during my field work. 

After all this musical activity I hit a personal rock bottom, starting with breaking my shoulder, then my family life fell apart..After two years of deep inner work and more and more avarta 'turning' kiirtan, to transform myself .. I then realised that if I wanted to support myself, my little daughter and the causes I really believed in, I must empower myself. 

In order to do that, I had to do what I really loved and make this dream come true.. so I got motivated again.. I put out Kiirtan Guitar Booklet out there, came across Russell Brunson's marketing work, put together the Kiirtan collection and a new Online Kiirtan Course - Transform your Kiirtan - Transform Your life, because thats what it has truly done for me. Now, whenever I think of my past, I remember my gurus words "You are never alone or helpless because Parama Purusa is always with you" and I know its true.
 I have gathered together so many gems from this musical goldmine of Rarhi Kiirtan tradition and for the first time am offering these to you. I also have dug out many valuable kiirtan nuggets gleamed from years of dedicated kiirtan practice, observation and research over the decades, and have put them into this Online Course. So heres what you will learn: .
Session 1: Kiirtan History, Benefits and Traditional Knowledge- How to Gain the Knowledge of Kiirtan (Without Having to do years of research) 
Hear What Kiirtan Masters Say About
the History and Benefits of Kiirtan 
 Untold Story Behind the History of Kiirtan 
Strengthen Your Belief in the Power of Kiirtan So You Can Develop Your Own Potential  with Others and never Have to feel Alone or Helpless Again
 Session 2:  Kiirtan Rhythms and Dance - Dancing with Vitality and Throbbing in Ecstasy
How To Dance In Bliss Without Losing Your Step 
Learn the Supra Aesthetic science of Dancing With the Divine And Being in Rhythm with the Music
Learn about the Musical Backbone of Rhythm
So that you Can Bring Others Into a Blissful Flow
Throbbing with an Ecstatic Pulse! 
 Session 3:  Voice Exercises and Kiirtan Melodies Without Losing Your Voice!
Learn Powerful Voice Training And Vocal Techniques from Experienced Vocalists
So You can Sing with Freedom 
And Never Have to Lose your Voice Again 
Or Miss Out On The Best Akhanda Kiirtan!
Session 4: Kiirtan Instrumental music: The Essentials of Enriching the Kiirtan Flow 
Learn :What Instruments To Use that Create Harmony in Collective Kiirtan 
Learn About Sound Production 
Learn How to Develop Your Musical Skills While Still Being an Invaluable Asset to the Group
  And Have More Meaningful Musical Friendships
 Session 5: Kiirtan Melodies and Sequences - How to Capture the Mood and Take Everyone on a Roller-Coaster of Devotion 
Learn How Kiirtan Melodies are Constructed
 Learn How to Express Dramatic Moods
 And Create Kiirtan Sequences 
 So You Never Forget What Kiirtans to Play
And You Can Transition Easily From One To the Next and Keep Everyone Fully Engaged
Session 6: Kiirtan Aesthetics: How To make Beautiful Kiirtan Arrangements
How To Orchestrate Your own Collective Kiirtan 
(Even if You Lack Self Confidence)
Find Out How to Collaborate with Musicians 
So That You can Have A Greater Impact and Therefore Bring More Joy and Bliss To Others 
Session 7: Supra Aesthetics- How to Be Lost in Bliss While Still Be Actively Playing Kiirtan      
How To Increase Your Closeness to the Divine
With Powerful Ideational Methods 
And Effortlessly Fulfil Your Responsibilities 
as a Kiirtan Leader 
So You Feel the Lost in that feeling of Oneness

so Will you Transform Your Kiirtan 
and Transform Your Life
or Let it Run away from You? 
No, I am Going to Grab hold of This limited time offer!
Heres The 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
If Within the 7 Days You Still Don't feel Any of the Benefits from The Online  Kiirtan Course Then You Can Have All Your Money Back!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This TRANSFORMATIONAL 

7 Day Online Kiirtan Course 

  • Session 1: What the Kiirtan Masters say about Kiirtan Benefits, History and Literature - The Untold Story of Rarhi Kiirtan  
  • ​Session 2: How To Dance In Ecstatic Bliss (Without Missing a Step)
  •  Session 3: Voice - How To Lose Yourself (Without Losing Your Voice!) 
  •  Session 4: Kiirtan Instrumental music - The Secret of Enriching the Kiirtan Flow Without Having All The Necessary Skills 
  •  Session 5: Kiirtan Sequences - How to Really Capture the Mood in Kiirtan and Take Everyone on a Roller Coaster of Devotion 
  •  Session 6: Kiirtan Aesthetics - How To Arrange Your Kiirtan and Orchestrate it Together to Have an Amazing Collective Experience. 
  • ​Session 7: Supra Aesthetic Science - Secrets of Being Absorbed into Bliss, of Pleasing the Divine, through Powerful Ideational Techniques    
  • ​You will receive Video Recordings, Kiirtan Chord Charts and Access to  Kiirtan Resources And Materials  
Total Value: €297
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For €147 
There are scholarships available for kiirtaniyas under 18, Acaryas and discounts for kiirtaniyas struggling during this time. To apply write to:
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