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"You are never alone or helpless because Parama Purusa is always with you.."  Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji
Are You Tired of Playing the Same Kiirtans? Want something New and Exciting?..
Unlock Your Hidden Musical Potential...
Your Vehicle To Bliss! 
 Kiirtan Academy Courses 
How To Expand Your Knowledge, Develop your Musical Potential Even With Little Experience!
 Kiirtan Course

  From the Perspective of the Ecstatic, Transcendental Kiirtan of Rarh, India

With Jyoshna (PhD) and Kavita
Rarh and Ecstatic Kiirtan – An Immersive Weekend

Friday 25th till Sunday Nov 27th
Times: 7 – 9pm Irish time (Fri, Sat) and 6 - 9 pm Sunday.
On Zoom  
Are You Tired of playing the Same Kiirtans and longing to develop your musical potential 
but don't Know how? 
Together we are unravelling the beauty and spiritual power of kiirtan!...  
The first time I saw a Rarhi Kiirtan in Rarh in 2000, the hair on my body stood on end, tears rolled down my face. I had never experienced anything like it before and afterwards I realised oh, this is what Baba means by ‘supra aesthetic science’. I knew I had to delve into it and understand how did it work? How could I make it happen in my kiirtan? So I spent years researching the kiirtan of Rarh unravelling the never before exposed kiirtan structures and strategies hidden beneath this ecstatic experience. Each week we will delve deeply into some significant kiirtans to gain a deep understanding of its mechanics, aesthetics and ideation so that we can apply that knowledge to our own kiirtan.  .  
The Kiirtan Academy has arisen out of a need kiirtaniyas have to develop our kiirtan skills and knowledge, to grow our resources and networks, find support and delve deeply into the science and supra aesthetics of kiirtan. In this way we can transform our kiirtan and our selves in the process. In the Kiirtan Academy that musical potential lying hidden within each of us, can be developed and expressed in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect. 

This new Kiirtan course can provide you with the tools you need to expand your knowledge, musical skills, understanding and devotion... To Feel More Bliss and in the Divine Flow!

"Whatever worldly difficulties might obstruct your path your best positive or auxiliary force is kiirtana"...Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji
Imagine The Feeling of Having More Musical Skills and Knowledge to Transform your Kiirtan!  
Imagine being able to understand how kiirtan  works? 
Imagine being able to express the feeling of Coming Home and - never having to feel alone or insignificant!  
Imagine being able to minimise stress in your life, and strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual well being...
And imagine having access to ancient knowledge without having to do the research yourself! 
 Your life will be more joyful, and you will gain more confidence as part of a global kiirtan community that supports your development. 
New Kiirtan Courses to Expand Your Knowledge, Musical Skills,  
Kiirtan Repertoire and Deepen your Connection with the Divine 
What's On Offer At Kiirtan Academy?
#1. Rarhi Kiirtan  
Exploring the Ecstatic, Transcendental Tradition of Rarh,West Bengal, India
This course is about experiencing Rarhi Kiirtan in its original form plus how your devotional songs or individual kiirtans can be converted into powerful collective kiirtans, just as the Rarhi kiirtaniyas do. As we understand the structure of a Rarhi kiirtan, its melody, dance and instrumental music, we will be able to apply these radical ideas to our own kiirtans. Experience the rasa or flow and vistara or mind expansion from new and exciting practices!

By the end of the course you will know how to sing and play some of the most significant Rarhi Kiirtan compositions. 

Cost: Free for acaryas, 74 euros for non-members, 37 euros for members. Numbers are limited, so register your interest asap.

Through hundreds of hours of listening, interviews, transcriptions and practice with my kiirtan teacher Jagaranda, I managed to learn these compositions. Having prepared the way, these ancient kiirtans can now be passed onto you for the first time. ​ 

When: September 2023 Dates TBC
Times: 7 – 9pm Irish time (Fri, Sat) and 6 - 9 pm Sunday.
On Zoom    
Cost: 74 euros for non-subscribers, 37 euros for members. Numbers are limited, so register your interest asap. Free for acaryas, and scholarships also available.  
Teachers: Jyoshna La Trobe is an ethnomusicologist (PhD in Music) and has over 40 years experience in kiirtan. The khol drum rhythms will be lead by Kavita.  
#2. Khol Drum Classes with Kavita 
1. Khol Classes based on the Ancient Rarhi Tradition. Weekly sessions on Thursday at 6 pm Irish time.The Khol drum is the instrument for kiirtan as it is "sweet sounding" and brings the mind back to the "proper place" (P.R.Sarkar).  This is the first time the Kiirtan Academy is offering this course, its a once in a lifetime experience. You will learn the ancient khol patterns that go perfectly with the Kiirtan music of Rarh. These patterns can easily be applied to modern western kiirtan also. 
When: Every second Tuesday night, at 8 pm Irish time 
How Long: 1 hour each sessions
Cost: €10 a session (Free for KA Members) 
Teacher: Kavita - Kiirtaniya who took her training with Jagaranada, Khol Expert of Rarh, India.
#3. Singing the Sutras
1. Singing the Sutras, continues .We are singing Ananda Sutram Chapter 1, the quintessence of Tantric spiritual philosophy in a Kiirtan style. Being able to sing the sutras at a Kiirtan concert is also a great advantage, especially when you need variety and to raise the vibration.
When: Nov 18th, 8pm Irish time 
How Long: 1.30 mins each sessions
Cost: €10 a session (Free for KA Members) 
Teacher: Jyoshna- Kiirtaniya and Ethnomusicologist (PhD Music) with over 40 years experience
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase These AMAZING 
Kiirtan Academy Courses:  
  •  Rarhi Kiirtan Mela (€197 Value), now €74 (Plus a 50% discount for K.A. Members)
  • Khol Drum Course - Weekly Sessions. Now €10 per session (Free for K.A.Members) 
  • Singing the Sutras - Now €10 per session (Free for K.A.Members)
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The Kiirtan Academy is an educational platform that serves kiirtaniyas worldwide, through courses, educational resources, support, networking and satsaung. All profits from these courses go to the Rarhi Kiirtaniyas Fund in India that supports and promotes the ancient Kiirtan Tradition of Rarh. According to P.R.Sarkar, Rarhi Kiirtan is "outstanding and unparalleled" and is presently in dire need of our support. 
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